English Drama [ short ]


            In the afternoon, at the school aula, the floor has just been mopped and it’s very slippery. Katty and Sarah are talking at the park near the school aula.

Katty             : Hm..i think so. By the way, I have a great news !!

Sarah                 : Oh, really ?? What is it ?

Katty               : You know, I just get a scholarship to Aussi !!

Sarah                 : Oh, great !! Congratulation, Katty!

Katty               : Yes, thank you, Sarah.

*Suddenly, Andrew comes and walking at hurried pace and bring a drink.*

Katty & Sarah   : ( look at Andrew and scream ) Oh, no !!

Katty               : Watch out!! The floor is slippery !

Andrew              : ( Andrew was surprised and falling down ) Aw..!! Ouch, my leg !! It’s hurt to me !

Sarah                : Oh..how poor you are ! Are you okay ??

Andrew              : Oh, not bad. My leg is pain little bit.

Jane & Billy : ( come and look something was happened )

Jane              : Owh, Andrew ! What’s happen with you ??

Billy               : Are you okay, Andrew ?? I’ll help you stand.

Andrew              : Oh, hi friends.. I have just slid and fallen down. Thank’s Bil

Jane              : Oh, my God! Is it hurt ?

Andrew              : Yeah, little bit. But it will be fine. Don’t worry!

Billy              : Oh, thank goodness!

Sarah                 : Oh, no!! Your uniform is wet and dirty !

Andrew              : Oh, I’m late !! I have to go to class. There’s an exam today. What should I do ?

Katty              : Hmm.. i think you should change your uniform. You may not to join the exam with that wet uniform.

Sarah                : Yeah, I think so..

Jane              : Yes, it’s right!

Billy              : Yes, and I think you can join the same exam next week.

Andrew             : Oh, thank’s a lot for all of you !!

All (except Andrew)      : Your welcome.


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