The Myth of Nyi Roro Kidul

Nyi Roro KidulAs like legend and myth, Queen of the South Seas, or better known as Nyi Roro Kidul, also has a beginning. The story is not full of happy. As with any electronic cinema, there are times where we felt recognize the history. Seem familiar and often we heard earlier.
Nyi Roro Kidul, was said formerly as a beautiful woman named Kadita. Because of her beauty, she was often called Dewi Srengenge, which means the Sun of Fragrat. Kadita was the daughter of King Munding Wangi. Although the King had a charming face, but his grief could not be removed because he really wanted a boy to continue his leadership. The king’s anxiety finally disappeared after he married Dewi Mutiara. From his new wife’s womb, was born a son. The king was very happy, as well as Dewi Mutiara. She expected him to be the ruler of the kingdom and the King was blessing as heir to the throne. However, even then, Dewi Mutiara did not want his children would get a rival power and it could only happen if Kadita remained in the kingdom.
Dewi Mutiara persuaded The king to expel Kadita. This idea, of course, was denied with high tone by The king. Dewi Mutiara was not denied and replacing them with sweet words and obeied whatever the willing of the King. The King’s anger gradually subsided, forgave Dewi Mutiara although her words had burned the King’s heart. On the other hand, Dewi Mutiara secretly did not accept her husband’s decision. She also set up a plan so that Kadita expelled from the kingdom. The next day, he sent the nurse to call a witch. Commanded to the witch, in order to sent Kadita witchcraft. Then the witch agreed that.
Short of story, when the night was coming, when Kadita was asleep, the breeze went into her room .The wind was foul, like the smell of carrion. When Kadita woke up, she screamed. She was covered with scabies, purulent, and a very strong smell. When the King knew about the illness that struck his daughter, he knew it must be witchcraft. He also suspected his wife’s crimes. However, how did he prove it? However, even if it was proved, what about Kadita? The King soon decided his fate. At the urging of Patih, Kadita was exiled out from the kingdom in order to disgrace the royal family.
So, Kadita went alone. Her heart was shattered. Her tears were dripping down. Nevertheless, she still did not want to curse the people who hurted her. She still remembered the teaching of her grandmother that grudge and hate was not special attitude. Kadita ran the day and night without direction, without purpose. On the 7th day, she arrived at the South coast. As she stood looking at the breadth of the ocean, she heard a voice calling and told her to throw herself into the sea. When Kadita followed that voice instructions, when Kadita’s body touched the seawater, her body recovered. All diseases disappeared. Kadita was transformed gorgeous as always. Not only that, she soon mastered the seas and its contents, founded the kingdom of magnificent, sturdy, beautiful, and authoritative.
Then, one day the south sea of Java shaky, bubbling as like hot water in the pot. The gleaming blue seawater suddenly turbid frothy boil, shaken by the earthquake. The fishes jumping until died because of the heat. The genie, demon periperayangan worried to witness a strange phenomenon changes in Segoro Kidul (southern sea), because the roar of the storm was hot-cold erratically to penetrate the seabed around the seven wind driven. Nyi Roro Kidul, the queen Evils in the bottom of the ocean, was startled. For thousands of years she had been life, only this time a strange look natural changes in her palace. What the hell happened? Nyi Roro Kidul immediately darted out and stood on the seawater look upon the earth. The world was lit, no nothing. But on the edge of the sea there was a man who was standing arms crossed silence. Was he the cause? Nai Roro Kidul watched the man who was standing meditation, and how shocked after she knew that the man was Panembahan Senopati. Not mistaken, he was the cause of the southern ocean tempests. The roar of the ocean waves unbearable heat, to create mountainous waves. Realizing magic Panembahan Senopati, Nyi Roro Kidul accompanied by all the spirits came and worshiped as she begged for mercy, so that the asceticism of Panembahan stopped. In return, Roro Kidul willing to meet the demand of Senopati who wanted to be king down to his descendants. Even the ruler of the southern oceans also promised to help everything for the glory of Senopati government, including the later arrival of the enemy of Mataram, the spirits lascar. Instantly, the roar of the sea disappeared. There was no storm surge, even the fish of the sea and all the creatures dead back to life.
In short, Panembahan Senopati was enamored and fell in love with Nyi Roro Kidul. They both ran on the top of the ocean to the palace. That said the beauty of the palace-none in the world. A perimeter fence was made of bricks of gold, filled with plants and flowers and fruits of various kinds of ratna mutu manikam. Confronted by all the jinn, demons, and Nyi Roro Kidul and Senopati sat down on the couch relaxing place. This was where every day Panembahan Senopati received various subjects of constitutional, science became king, to rule men and jinns and fairies, following fighting tactics to romance. For three days and three nights, their courtship liked husband and wife. All knowledges which were granted by Nyi Roro Kidul became a provision for Senopati to attend as a powerful king, wise, ruler of Java that was second to none. Once was enough, Senopati excused himself went back to earth.
Nyi Roro Kidul, so this is the actual spelling of fiber Babad Tanah Jawi writing. But somehow circulated and known by the name of misreading, Kanjeng Ratu Kidul. In fact, there are differences in the perception of widespread and believed that is between Nyi Roro Kidul and Kanjeng Ratu Kidul is different. It means, Roro Kidul is governor, while the queen is Kanjeng Ratu Kidul. Babad Tanah Jawi does not mention it. This magical tale of ordinary people then developed into a sacred story that demands accountability that are eternal religion, because as promised, Roro Kidul will always be associated with the entire royal Javanese descent Panembahan Senopati until now. So long as there Mataram kingdom, the ruler figure demit Java will still be worshiped for questioning blessing. Therefore, the queen of the fairies this ghastly actually does not have a nasty disposition, even otherwise noble because it is believed to keep peace and the people of Mataram palace until now.


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