An Example Letter for Someone Known Abroad

26 Hemmingway St.,

New York,


25th November, 2013

Dear Vionna,

                Hi Vionna ! It has been so long time not shares many stories to you. How are you? I heard the weather in New York is windy and sometimes light rain. I hope you are always in good health. I’m sorry for late to send you a letter. You know, I am really busy at my new college. So, I just have a little time to write a letter to you. Oh yeah, now I continue my study at Queen Mary University of London, Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, English Department.

                I have many experiences in my new college; include the good and bad experience. Okay, start from the bad ones. I got some troubles when student day. In student day of university, I got many tasks, speeches, and a few idle threats. Then, it became increase. In student day of faculty, beside I still got many tasks and speeches, also I was yelled and punished by the seniors. Nevertheless, it was not enough yet. In student day of department which also called initiation, my patience was tested again. I still got many tasks (even these ones were more than before) , no speeches, but more shouted. Yeah, you know what I feel at that time.

                In the other hand, I also got some good experiences more than the bad. You know, I met many friends and they were very kind and funny! We spent time together even if in good or bad time. We were always in solidarity. We often gathered at bus halt and we joked and laughed together. I felt so lucky because I could meet and know them.  Furthermore, I fell in love with my own friend! Then now, we both are boy and girlfriends. Isn’t that so sweet, Vi ?

                By the way, how about your experience in your new college? Do you have the more unbelievable experience? Or maybe do you find new love there?  Tell me about all of your experience also about your feeling.  Hope to hear from you soon.




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