Improving Your Vocals – Expository

When you are singing higher and higher without taking any attention to your range or you push too hard, no wonder if suddenly your voice has no more power and tone. In other words, your vocal cords are unable to hold together. Your voice turning hoarse and you sound like have a crow voice. This is what we called falsetto.

It is important to know how to train your vocals in order to avoid the falsetto. Here are six keywords or tips to improve your vocals’ quality.

  1. Breathing. Try to breathe with your diaphragm not your chest. When you breathe in using diaphragm, your stomach getting swell.
  2. Relax. It is very necessary to make yourself as relax as possible so, you can enjoy your singing. Relaxation is also able to inhibit the vocals cord tension.
  3. Low and high. When you are going to sing in low tone, do not put your head down. It makes the air from your mouth harder to come out instead. While in high tone, try to open your mouth as wide as possible.
  4. Do not force. When your voice is unable to raise the high tone, do not force too much since it can damage your voice cord.
  5. Exercise. This is the very important point in improving your vocals. Do exercises for an hour a day. Begin with the low note through the high note in stages.
  6. Care. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Avoid dairies as they produce mucous which is able to inhibit your voice cord. In addition, avoid yelling, cough too hard, and smoking.

Improving your vocals is not always difficult to do. Even, you are able to avoid the falsetto in your voice. If you constantly follow these six keywords (breathe, relax, low and high, do not force, exercise, and care), your voice will be better and better as soon as possible.


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