The Use of Water – Expository Text

Water is one of the basic elements necessary for humans to survive. As the population of the world continues to grow, so does our need for water. It is therefore very important to analyze the main ways in which we use water, so that we can control how much we use and make sure that everyone has enough. Water can be divided into four categories.

            One important use of water is drinking. Water is the most important liquid since the human adult body consists of 60% of water. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that the average human can survive only a week without water. Water helps our body in digesting food, chemical reactions, regulating body temperature, and carries away the unnecessary substances out of body. Therefore, we should drink water at least two litters a day.

            Cleaning is another major way that water is used. No matter what we clean, mostly we will need water. The mucks from dirty thing will be carried away by water. There are many things we clean using water, for instance, cleaning the dishes, cleaning our body, washing clothes, washing cars, and so on.

            The third main category of water use is in irrigation. Water is also often used in farm, pasture, orchard, and horticultural crops. It is one of important substances for plants to grow up. Plants will dry out and die without water. There are some water usages, such as for irrigating pastures, for frost and freeze protection, chemical application, crop cooling, harvesting, etc.

            Perhaps, the most important way that we use water, however, is in industrialization. Total industrial water use in the world is about 22%, with high-income countries using 59%, and low-income countries using a minuscule 8%. Water is used in producing food, manufacturing paper, in the industrial process, and to cool the hot metal such as in the production of steel. Besides, water is needed to cool the air in many products for example, in chemicals, drugs, lotions, shampoo, cosmetics, cleaners, and beverages.

            For a long time people in industrialized countries have used water and damaged the sources of water without thinking about the long term effects of their actions. It is clear, however, that in the future, we will all need to think carefully about the quantity and purpose of our water use so that everyone has a fair share of this essential element.


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