Late Movie Experience – Narrative Text

           When I was in senior high school, I often watched the movie with my classmates after school or in the evening. Nevertheless, I once had a worth experience about watching movies. Someday, one of my classmates asked me to watch a new release movie. It would be shown on Saturday late night. I refused it first, but she said that I would regret if I did not watch it, because the tickets were a special limited edition. Besides, the movie had been shown in America and became one of top five popular movies. After I rethought about it, finally I agreed.

            I had made a perfect plan in order my parents did not know that I would sneak out. I pretended to sleep early and locked my bedroom door. The movie would start at 11.30 P.M. I had had contact with my classmate and she would pick me up at 11 P.M by motorcycle. Before the time, I secretly take the gate key. Then, I opened the gate lock and I waited for her outside home. My classmate finally arrived in front of my home and we left as quite as possible. Apparently, there were already many people arrived at cinema before us. Then, we went in the cinema quickly as the movie started to be exhibited.

            The movie ended at approximately 1.30 A.M. I really enjoyed the movie so I did not feel sleepy at all. My classmate said that she worried about me because I left home without my parents’ permission. She suggested me to take the short way since the distance between the cinema and my home was far enough and took a lot of time. I thought it was true, so I agreed with her. Then, we went home through the cemetery. Suddenly, her motorcycle stopped while we were still on the way at the cemetery. She had attempted to turn on the machine many times, but it still did not respond. We became panic and rather afraid. Then, with the courage remaining of us, we pushed forward the motorcycle. Lastly, we arrived in front of my house. Then, she tried to turn on the motorcycle again. After a few moments, finally it could turn on. Unexpectedly, my mother opened the gate and found me with my classmate. Apparently, she knew that I was not in my bedroom. She looked mad at me and asked my classmate to go home immediately.

            My mother asked for my explanation about what I had done. I was afraid and could not say anything. Then, she said that if I still did not tell her, she would tell my father about this. I became more afraid. Finally, I told her everything honestly. She just could take a long breath. She stated that I had disappointed her because I went away without permission, especially at about midnight. Moreover, I also did not bring my cell phone. As the result, she forbade me to go out at night and warned me not to do it again. I only could nod and apologized to her. She asked me to sleep as soon as possible before my father woke up. She also promised that she would not tell my father as long as I promised to ask for her permission wherever and whenever I would go. I nodded and promised it to her. It was truly a worthy experience for me.


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