The Mysterious Loss

Everyone surely ever lost something, either it is valuable or not. Yet have you ever lost something mysteriously? It is like going somewhere and you will never see it again. I ever experienced that event of losing something mysteriously. It was my favorite earrings. When I was in junior high school, my mother took me to a jewelry shop in the traditional market. She let me choose the earring that I like. I was so excited. I felt slightly difficult to choose one pair of earrings because I saw many beautiful earrings, which attracted my attention. After I considered it, finally I chose a pair of Mickey-mouse-head earrings with small jewel on both its ears.

            I liked that earring. It was simple, small, cute, and not too much glamour for me. I even wore it on both my ears, though

my mother had not paid it yet. On our way home, I asked my mother how much was it. She did not want to tell me and said that as long as I liked it, she would buy it. I thanked her and said that I really liked it. She just laughed and said that it did not matter.

            I wore my new earring all day. Even when I was taking a bath, it was still on both my ears. One day, in the morning, I wanted to clean it. I thought there were some soap remnants on it. Therefore, for the first time since I wore it, I took it off. I cleaned it on every side. After that, I just put it in my draw since I wanted to wear it later.

            A few hours had passed. In the evening, after I took a bath, I wanted to wear my earring again. Initially, I did not realize there was something wrong. After I brushed my hair, I searched my earring. Unexpectedly, as I opened the draw, I did not see anything. I did not see my earring. The thing that I saw was an empty inside draw. My eyes suddenly opened wide. I automatically opened another draw side hurriedly. I had tried to find my earring in every side of drawer. I tried to remember again where I had placed it. I was totally sure that I had put it in the second side draw. Then, I tried to search it again. I removed everything in every draw and wished that earring were tucked into something or whatever. Nevertheless, I still did not find it. I was somewhat hopeless. Then, for the last time, I opened the second drawer. There was still nothing. I was so curious. I thought that perhaps I could find it later, on another day.

            The next day, I tried to search my earring again. I even searched it under my bed. However, I still did not find it. I did not tell my mother about this because I was afraid she would be mad at me. Then, I asked my brother secretly if he had seen my earring, but his answer was simply ‘no’. I started to think that there was someone who took it away. Yet no one knew where I placed it but me. Then, I searched on every side of my dressing table, under the dressing table, and at last, I searched back in the draw. At that time, I was really hopeless and tired. I finally gave up and let it gone.

            Several days later, my mother realized that I did not wear my earring and she asked me about that. I said that I put it on my dressing table and would wear it later. She looked not sure with my answer. Then, she asked me again and emphasized her question if I really had put it on the dressing table. I became panic and stammered. Next, she asked me if the earring had been still existing or not. I finally told the truth honestly. I thought she was mad, so I was ready to be scolded by her. However, she said that I had to be more careful to put something. I was surprised and asked if she had been mad at me. She just said that sometimes we had to let something gone though it was unreasonable. I just nodded, but I was still curious where that earring had gone. Until now, I still never see it anymore.


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